Attendance Protocol for Snow Days

posted Dec 12, 2017, 9:25 AM by Michelle McGarry
Winter has arrived! Please review the following protocol for snow days.

In the event of bus or small vehicle cancellations due to inclement weather, parents are asked to notify the school of absences for "walking students". It is very important that parents call or email ( the school to indicate absences for walking students related to snow days.
For walking students, who attend Extended Day Programming (EDP), parents are required to report any absences to BOTH the school and the EDP program on snow days.

For students, who regularly travel on the bus, absences will be automatically noted due to the cancellation of bus transportation. Parents are not required to contact the school to report the absence for students, who travel on the bus.

Please note: On snow days, students will be dismissed from the foyer of the school.

Thank you! 
Your continued support and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Ms. Gotell, Mrs. McGarry and Mrs. Bethune