Weekly Update Nov. 23th-27th

posted Nov 28, 2020, 7:27 AM by Teri Shurb   [ updated Nov 28, 2020, 7:54 AM ]
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Monday, Nov. 23rd-Friday, Nov. 27th

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St. Thomas More 




Hapara Work Spaces

#ocsbHowTo video “Use the Portal to access Student Hapara Workspace.

Virtual Academy

For our families that have opted for virtual learning  here is a blog  to connect with our elementary parents regarding our Virtual Program for Kindergarten and grades 1 to 6.

Parish Links

St. Bernard

Prayer for Students - Focus on Kindness

Let us pray:


God our Creator. You look upon each of us as a gift of creation, each with our own personalities, gifts and talents. Each one of us has a right to exist and to live lives of freedom and joy.  Sadly, this is not always the case. 

This week we focus on peace-keeping. We pray for everyone in our school community and elsewhere, who is feeling sad when they are not being treated with respect.  

Please, God, keep them from harm and give them hope. Give them the courage to share their burdens with others that they may receive the help and support they need to work towards solving problems in a peaceful way.  




Principal Message

Hi, I am Elizabeth Dean and I have been in education for 36 years. As a recently retired Principal, I’m very happy to be joining the Wolfpack until Christmas break.  I’m also very glad to report that Mr. Risto is recovering well and looking forward to returning in the new year. Teri Shurb and I are already a great team. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. 


Angel Tree and Spirit Weeks

Everyone enjoyed our STM Bullying Awareness and Prevention Spirit Week. Our next spirit week is Christmas themed and starts on Nov. 30 with details in next week’s memo. During this time, we continue to ask everyone to donate what they can so that we can further our commitment to Be Community and help out families in need this Christmas, both within our own school as well as our companion school St. Luke (Ottawa). Due to pandemic restrictions around the handling of cash, DONATIONS ARE ACCEPTED ONLINE ONLY. Thank you for your generosity and your Be Community spirit!


Week at a Glance

Monday, Nov. 23rd

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Tuesday, Nov. 24th

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Wednesday, Nov. 25th

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Thursday, Nov. 26th

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Friday, Nov. 27th

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School Council Corner   

Fundraising Update  

FLIPGIVE is a hit!  Don’t forget to join the STM Flipgive Team in support of our school community, here is  our code when joining the STM team.    Code: ZXG4P5

Get started on your online Christmas shopping or purchase gift cards to use in-store to earn cash back for STM School Council. Major brands and retailers pay us a commission with every sale! Visit www.flipgive.com/join or download the app.

Supports for Parents

  Mental Health Resources (CSPA)

                             FOR GENERAL SCHOOL COUNCIL INQUIRIES,
                                                        PLEASE CONTACT:

Next meeting:  January 20th,  2021

Our Virtual Meetings start at 6:30pm. Virtual Meeting links will be sent out closer to the date of the meeting

  All parents are welcome!



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STM Weekly Memo Nov. 23-27