STM Year End Message

posted Jun 25, 2020, 8:53 AM by Tania Gamache

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we look ahead to the summer months,  we have moved into “Ordinary Time” in our Liturgical calendar. This is a time of precious growth and change. Each of us grows in holiness during Ordinary Time. We are called to use the gifts we have received from God to help renew the face of the earth, to make our world a better place. God’s love is the source of our growth. May we all experience renewal of mind, body and spirit during the summer months. It has been an honor and our pleasure working with the STM community! We will hold our fond memories of STM close to our hearts for years to come. 

On behalf of the staff of St. Thomas More we would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your continued support, collaboration and cooperation.     

Wishing you a safe and happy summer!

God Bless You!

Namaste,  Ms. Gotell and Mrs. Gamache



A heartfelt thank you to all of the volunteers, who have given time to our school this year. STM volunteers contributed in so many ways: reading with our little ones, helping out in our classrooms, serving on Parent Council, supervision on field trips, delivery of hot lunches, our milk program, helping with special events, decorating our front foyer, etc.  You are such an important part of our community and your children’s education. We are most grateful for your time, effort and support throughout the year. You have truly made a difference in the lives of the children and staff of St. Thomas More School. 

Special thanks to our phenomenal teachers, early childhood educators and educational assistants! Their dedication and commitment to our students is truly outstanding! A special thank you to Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Nault, our office administrators, Mrs. Smith-Davey, our library technician, and to Mr. Kay, Ryan and Jermaine, our custodial team; these amazing individuals are always willing to lend a helping hand.  

To our Grade 6 students, who are leaving and moving on, best of luck as you continue on your journey.  Keep smiling and sharing your unique gifts with the world as you move through life. STM will miss you!


On behalf of the STM community, we would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to all the members of this year’s Catholic School Parent Council. This dedicated team of people have volunteered their time and support throughout the school year in many different ways. Their dedication and commitment to student success is simply outstanding! We invite and encourage parents to get involved with the STM Parent Council next year.

Report Cards will be shared electronically at the end of June. You will be able to access your child(ren)’s report card(s) via the OCSB Parent Portal. Please ensure you have registered and activated your account in the Parent Portal. We ask for your continued patience with this new OCSB portal, if you have issues accessing the portal, please give it a try on another day (the system may be overwhelmed at your time of access). 



If you are planning to move this summer, please contact the main office with your new updated information asap. (

If circumstances have changed and the pick up and/or drop off locations have changed for your child(ren), please contact the main office asap. These changes must be entered to ensure transportation is correct for September. Thank you!

IMPORTANT OSTA (Ottawa Student Transportation) YEAR END UPDATES: