Weekly Memo: September 21st.-25th

posted Sep 21, 2020, 10:38 AM by Chris Risto

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Monday, September 21st-Friday, 25th

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School Council Update

 Transportation Changes

Family Contact Information

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Virtual Academy

For our families that have opted for virtual learning  here is a blog  to connect with our elementary parents regarding our Virtual Program for Kindergarten and grades 1 to 6.

Parish Links

St. Bernard

School Council Update 

Dear Parents / Guardians,  Are you interested in being a member of the St.Thomas More Catholic School Council? If you are, please take a look at the What is your School Council information sheet to get a better idea of the role of the school council here at St. Thomas More. The document also outlines what the responsibilities are of the different  positions on the Council. 

This year we will be meeting virtually every month unless things change and we are able to meet in person. In order to attend the meetings, you do not have to be a voting member of the Council. Any parent is certainly welcome to attend any of our meetings even though they are not voting members. We will certainly be looking for new and innovative ideas, especially this year, so everyone is always welcome. Come join us our first Catholic School Council Meeting will be held virtually on Wednesday, September 30th at 6:30pm. A meeting link will be sent to you for all to attend next week. 

If you are interested in nominating yourself for a council position, please complete the attached nomination form and return it to chris.risto@ocsb.ca


Transportation Changes   

The bus runs seem to be settling in for STM. Some of our parents are still in the process of making changes to their child's transportation this year, such as bussing home instead of attending EDP. We ask that if you have changed your child's transportation this recently, to  please contact the school as soon as possible. Unlike previous years, this year we are  required to assign each child a seat on the bus. The sooner we know, the easier it is to make these changes. Please make sure you call or email the school Thomas.More@ocsb.ca. As always, please go to ottawaschoolbus.ca if ever you need to review your child's transportation, receive cancellation notices and call OSTA if there is any confusion. Thank you for your ongoing patience as we continue to implement these extra steps to keep your child safe.


Family Contact Information

Traditionally at this time of year we would send home a Student Verification Form for each student to allow families to confirm information is up-to-date and correct.  We require current information for:

  • primary, and in some cases, secondary home addresses, 

  • home phone(s), 

  • Cell and/or work contacts for parents, 

  • emergency contact names and phone numbers.

In lieu of passing paper forms between school and home, and back again, we are asking our families to verify their information via the Parent Portal.   Here are the steps to access your current information on the parent portal

  1. Login to parent portal

  2. On the left sidebar click on the child's name. Repeat if you have additional children as the emergency contact information may be different.

  3. On the left sidebar under the tab ‘General’ click on contacts

  4. Review your present contact information and please email the school Thomas.More@ocsb.ca should you have new or changed information. 

Now is a great time to register / log into your Parent Portal account because OCSB has hired staff to troubleshoot any issues with the portal for the first few weeks of school.  


For our annual Terry Fox Run! Individual classes and staff have a  scheduled time and day this upcoming week to walk/run around the school property in support of Terry Fox. You will have received an invite from School Cash Online to make a charitable donation in support of the Terry Fox Foundation.  For more information about Terry’s legacy please visit  Terry Fox Foundation


Home and School Screening Practices

Dear Parents / Guardians: Please ensure that you screen your children daily using the OPH Screening Tool for students before sending them to school. If a child develops symptoms during the school day, as a precaution we are asking you to pick up your child from school as directed from Ottawa Public Health. Please review  this OPH letter for further clarification. Unfortunately, this includes runny noses and unexplained sore tummies.

When children come in from recess times and outdoor play during the cold weather and have a runny nose we will monitor these students to allow time for the students to warm up and for their noses to clear up first before make a call home.

           In the event that your child needs to stay home, all of our teachers continue to upload  all student classwork to Hapara so that any children who must be away from school can continue with class assignments at home. 


Week at a Glance

Monday, September 21st

  • Designated classes to run or walk in support of the Terry Fox Foundation

Tuesday, September 22nd 

  •  Designated classes to run or walk in support of the Terry Fox Foundation

Wednesday, September 23rd

  • Designated classes to run or walk in support of the Terry Fox Foundation

Thursday, September 24th

  • Designated classes to run or walk in support of the Terry Fox Foundation

Friday, September 25th

Friday, September 25th is la journée du drapeau Franco-Ontarien. Join us by wearing  green & white, the colours of the Franco-Ontarian flag to celebrate the accomplishments of the francophone community past, present, and future here in Ontario.. So let's all celebrate this wonderful day on September 25th! For more information please visit  Franco-Ontarian History

Vive la francophonie!


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