Clubs & Teams

All students are encouraged to join our school's clubs, groups, and/or teams.

STM Philosophy for Sports Teams:

Our common approach to school athletics is to ensure that children, who are trying out for sports teams, have an opportunity to make a team before they leave our school by the end of grade 6. Each child is tracked during their junior grades to ensure that all children have the opportunity to experience leadership and sportsmanship, as well as gain confidence, this comes with being a part of a team. Our teams are inclusive, giving opportunity to students of all levels, and are not competitive in nature. It is our hope that our students enjoy a positive experience, as we promote active living and the love of the game!


  • Soccer

  • Cross Country

  • Volleyball

  • Basketball Free Throw Contest

  • Badminton

  • Tchoukball

  • Basketball

  • Track and Field

  • Gymnastics/ACRO

Clubs & Activities

  • Choir

  • Walking / Running

  • Dance

  • Drama

  • ECO

  • Social Justice

  • Intramurals